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The Line 21 Project accommodates an online collection of contemporary Chinese propaganda images dating from 2005 to the present. What distinguishes this from other online collections is that its images are not of the propaganda object in isolation but rather of the object within its immediate physical context. To learn more about the collection, please visit the site's ABOUT page. 

Beijing galleries


The images in these galleries were photgraphed in China's capital city during the winter of late 2011 and early 2012. Click on image to enter >>

Shanghai galleries


Spanning 2005 to 2010, these galleries demonstrate the omnipresence of official public messaging in China's world city. Click on image to enter >>

Series galleries


These galleries highlight various propaganda poster series, such as the Luo Baobei, Views of Beijing, and Beijing Hua series. Click on image to enter >>

Theme galleries


Themes of interest, such as corporate sponsored juvenile art in political advertising and animated 'civilization heros'. Click on image to enter >>